Most of the options of the module are self-explanatory.

The critical point is the location and structure of the file labels.txt.

Its location on the site should be indicated in the following input field:

help labels

You may indicate another location.

The structure of the file labels.txt:

image-location/image-name-1.jpg|{image cation 1}|{link 1}

the information concerning each image of the slider has to be placed on a new line.

Image name, description and link should be separated by vertical lines.

For example:

image-1.jpg|Image caption 1|
../folder1/image-2.jpg|Image caption 2|
http://www.source.of/image-3.jpg|Image caption 3|

If you want to use an image stored on external server, please, be sure to indicate its complete address starting with http(s)://

Otherwise, indicate the image address relative to folder with the file labels.txt, for example:'image1.jpg' if at the same location; '../folder1/folder2/.../image2.jpg' if the image is located in another folder.